Available Truck Beds and Dump Trailers

Available Truck Beds

Norstar truck beds are a cut above the rest. Our engineering, processes, skilled workers, and state of the art machinery all work in unison to transform raw materials into one of the best truck beds avialable in the market today. We are continuously expanding and taking on new dealers at a rapid pace. If you are looking for a truck bed that has finsh and function and a price tag that is not too heavy find a dealer in your area today.

Service Body Bed

SD-Service Deck Bed

Our Service Bed offers multiple tool boxes and options for your on the go needs.

Skirted Truck Bed

ST-Skirted Bed

Two standard toolboxes and the ability to add two more give this bed additional utility.

Standard Steel Deck Truck Bed

SF-Smooth Rails

The SF model is a real workhorse with smooth outer side rails and concealed stake pockets.

Rub Rail Truck Bed

SR-Diamond Plate

Full tread-plate construction with rub rail and stake pockets for endless tie down options.

Western Hauler Truck Bed

WH-Western Hauler

This bed is the perfect companion to your tricked out stock rig.

Service Body Bed

SC-Service Body Bed

For the Tradesman - This bed can store all your jobs site tools and parts.

Available Iron Bull Dump Trailers

Meet the Iron Bull Dump Trailer, a revolutionary new dump trailer design that has been engineered from the ground up with only one thing in mind. Raising the bar. Using the most modern machinery, designs, and technology, the game-changing Iron Bull is charging into the market. Call 903-784-8900 to become a dealer or find a dealer in your area and join the stampede today.

Iron Bull Dump Trailers


Our 83" wide 14k bumper pull is by far our most popular model. With two 7k Dexter Axles and tons of standard features, this model is a perfect fit for the contractor or weekend warrior.

Tandem Axle Dump Trailer


5'x10' with tandem 3500 lb Dexter axles. Standard tarp kit and scissor lift, this trailer comes loaded with all the fatured you want - standard. Click for more details.

Gooseneck Dump Trailer


83" Wide Gooseneck Dump Trailer with two 7k Dexter axles. Standard tarp kit and scissor lift and all the other standard features you will need to get your job done. Click for more details.

Triple Axle Gooseneck Dump Trailer


Heavy hauling 83" x 16' triple 7k axle for a total GVWR of 21,000 lbs. This configuration means business and it's owners do too. Perfect for construction, ag, or any commercial operation.

Tandem Axle Deckover Dump Trailer


Check out our extra wide hauler at 96" x 14' or 16' with tandem 7k axles for a total 14,000 lb GVWR. Combine ramps with our standard fold down sides and this trailer can be used for almost any task. Also Available in Gooseneck

Tandem Dual Dump Trailer


Nicknamed the 'Frankendump', no job is too big for this monster. With tandem dual axles, 4' sides, and a 620 cylinder the DSG will haul anything you can throw into it.

Available Dump Truck Beds and Pup Trailers

No job is too big for the all new Norstar full sized dump truck bed. If you happen to find that job, then add our all new pup trailer design and double your payload. Heavy duty all steel construction and top of the line components ensure even your toughest tasks can be tackled with ease.



All new Super Giant dump bodies are available for nearly all makes and models 12'-18- lengths with 10-19+ yd capacities.

Super Pup Trailer


Every Super Giant needs a Super Pup companion. Check out our new dump trailer design and take your hauls to the max.

Available Truck Tool Boxes, Truck Bed Hoists and LED Light Bars

Norstar has a wide variety of truck accessories to add the final touches to your truck. These accessories not only look heavy duty, but add functionality to your vehicle that allow you to get the job done. Check out our underframe bolt on tool boxes that are universally contructed to bolt on any make of truck bed for added storage. And a selection of weather-proof, bolt on LED light bars to fit almost any application.

Bolt-On Truck Tool Boxes

Under Frame Tool Boxes

Norstar bolt on toolboxes are a universal fit for any truck bed on the market.

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