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4.6 out of 5 (19 reviews)

CODY W. - Clinton, WA - Purchased: 9/4/20
Called Bruce at trailer station of mount vernon to enquire about a trailer. He was very quick to recommend the new iron bull for what im using it for which is landscaping and excavation I am very happy with my purchase.

PETER R. - St Joseph, MN - Purchased: 9/3/20
I install cage for the sport of track and field.

BRIAN P. - Loma, CO - Purchased: 8/12/20
So far the trailer has been great and it also tows amazingly! We love it!

MEGAN S. - Cedar springs , MI - Purchased: 8/7/20
Seems like a decently built trailer. D.o.t. Stickers are peeling just from the ride home and paint is bubbling probably from rust underneath it or else I’d have given more stars

HOWARD W. - Camden, SC - Purchased: 7/23/20
This is a heavy duty trailer that comes with everything you need out of the gate - built-in tarp system, slide-in ramps, equipment load stabilizers and spring loaded sand foot. I did a lot of research and concluded that this trailer was the best bang for the buck for the long term.

DAVID S. - Camp verde, AZ - Purchased: 7/19/20
Bought trailer for my own use, this is a very heavy duty trailer. Best on the market after weeks of reviewing them.

RICHIE W. - Greenville, CA - Purchased: 6/27/20
Great product! Made strong! Everything works! Its able to unload heavy loads no problem.

HUNTER L. - HOMESTEAD, FL - Purchased: 6/22/20

TIMOTHY N. - YANKEE HILL, CA - Purchased: 6/18/20

PETER L. - Sterling, NY - Purchased: 6/16/20
After extensive research of several different makes and models of dump trailers I concluded that Ironbull was the best built trailer for the dollars. Also was very impressed with the quality of service and attention to detail that Hank and his crew give to each of their trailers.

JESSICA V. - Phoenix, AZ - Purchased: 6/12/20

WESTERN SKY H. - TWIN FALLS, ID - Purchased: 6/9/20

JORGE C. - shoshone, ID - Purchased: 5/19/20

SCOTT N. - Fox Island, WA - Purchased: 5/18/20
Well built trailer I do have some problems, very rusty axle u-bolts missing grease fittings, runs in powder coating.

HAROLD G. - Springfield, MB - Purchased: 5/15/20
bought it over the phone. They delivered it. Very nice dealer. Product is a little iffy. Latching mechanism for the open gates did not work on one side. Security latch for closing the gates did not engage. Three of the four rubber plugs on the dust caps were torn. Went to grease the hoist and noticed there was only one cirque. The rest only had holes drilled and we're not even threaded. You might want to send me two T-shirts for all my efforts. Thank you

MARK D. - Scarborough , ME - Purchased: 5/9/20
Awesome trailer. Great quality throughout. Very thoughtful design.

WOODY E. - Salmo, BC - Purchased: 5/4/20
Seems to be one of the best built dump trailers in the market.

JOHN J. - St. Joseph, MO - Purchased: 3/30/20
Heaviest built trailer that I found. I've used it to haul dirt, gravel and my Kubota tractor.

SHAWN U. - Tullahoma, TN - Purchased: 5/10/18
Love the ironbull trailers I have two saving for there

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