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4.8 out of 5 (52 reviews)

CHUCK W. - Phelps, WI - Purchased: 12/30/21
Nice heavy constructed trailer compared to others. Nice to have the extras standard issue like tarp and charger.

CHUCK W. - Viola, IL - Purchased: 12/30/21
Love the Low-Pro Features!

JEFF O. - Aledo, IL - Purchased: 12/29/21
Awesome Trailer!

DEZIRAE B. - Fort Smith, AR - Purchased: 12/27/21
Bought to use for work works good has a few kinks but overall happy with it

LUKE M. - Bowler, WI - Purchased: 11/23/21

LAWRENCE P. - New baltimore , PA - Purchased: 11/18/21
Love the trailer well built !!

COREY K. - CRAIK, SK - Purchased: 11/15/21

BARRY I. - Edgerton , WI - Purchased: 11/2/21
Great trailer and excellent experience with Brandon at the King Company.

WAYNE Y. - Orrville, OH - Purchased: 10/17/21

PRESLEY TRUST P. - Yreka, CA - Purchased: 10/14/21
Neighbor bought one of these and I liked it so much I bought one too. We're both using them for the same purpose: to haul to burn sites mountains of chaparral brush we've pulled out with excavators as part of a fuels reduction and habitat restoration effort. These beasts hold a lot of brush and unload easily for quick turn-a-rounds.

JOHN T. - pittsfield, MA - Purchased: 9/25/21
love the trailer! in the process of ironing out a couple things with the truck being able to charge trailer batterie when connected & issue with the wireless lift unit

GREGG S. - Greensburg, PA - Purchased: 9/18/21
I recently bought An Iron Bull 7x14 Dump trailer, First off start by stating the customer service is remarkable.. I had some powder coating issues they helped me resolve very quickly... The trailer itself is over built which in hence will last, which is why I bought. The roads now a days are ruff so this thing should last me for years.. Also saved me time and money having this thing to haul stone and topsoil around my schedule..

JAMES S. - Athens , WI - Purchased: 7/30/21
Very well manufactured with thicker steel and awesome frame

ADAM H. - Vancouver, WA - Purchased: 7/28/21
I do like this trailer. I think it was built with ultra duty in mind. I like the grey paint and the functionality of rear 3 way gates. It tows and tracks well with a load. The cover system works well but needs more protectant or paint to keep from rusting. I would love to know the paint code and be able to purchase a can of touch spray paint and minimize future rust spots.

RYAN C. - Cartersville, GA - Purchased: 7/26/21
Large toolbox is a must have. Durable powder coating. Pulls and dumps easily!

SARGIS A. - Van Nuys, CA - Purchased: 7/23/21

ADRIAN A R. - Albuquerque , NM - Purchased: 7/13/21

LUCAS M. - Spooner, WI - Purchased: 6/2/21
Decent trailer - up and down 5 times with no issues. Was very disappointed that the floor was not a single sheet as stated online which was the reason I purchased this brand trailer - instead it had a seam down the middle. Stab jacks were ordered, but were not in when the trailer came - still haven't received them. BTW, the first trailer came damaged from the factory (states the dealer). Was sent home with the wrong certificate of origin, but the dealer was easy enough to work with and they sent the correct one the next week. One side of the trailer looks great, but the powder coat can't disguise the substandard pitted sheet steel on the other side. I did ask Iron Bull what they would do to about not meeting the specs as indicated on the website - never got a reply. I don't ever leave negative reviews or any reviews for that matter - this has been a disappointing process. Did I mention that I was charged for a price increase after putting a $1000 down payment and ordering the trailer? Dealer resolved the issue promptly and tossed in a touch up can of paint.

GREG H. - Pekin, IL - Purchased: 5/30/21
I was in search of a dump trailer and though I was set on a well name brand. Talking with the sales support at Westgate Trailers, they told me about Iron Bull. I looked at reviews and design aspects of the trailer. Appears well designed and better than the leading competition. Already hauled my first 3Ton of rock!

JEREMIAH W. - ROCHESTER, WA - Purchased: 5/19/21
I was dead set on getting an Iron Bull branded dump trailer, after putting down a deposit and waiting for 2 months for the nearest dealership to get one in stock I lost all confidence in the dealer to deliver one. They had great in person customer service but beyond that it was a terrible experience. I reached out to one of their sister dealerships a bit further away and they have 7 of the units I wanted in stock. so I went and picked it up that same day. (It took 6 weeks to get my deposit back from the other dealership). After 3 weeks of owning and using the trailer I noticed some potential structural issues in the frame and reached out to the dealer I bought it from, they informed me the dealership that I had the bad experience with was the one that would have to handle any warranty items as they were not set up to do so. So here I am 2 weeks later with no response or further information. I love the trailer, but unfortunately the dealerships that these are sold through are extremely hit or miss and that is unfortunate. With a high quality product such as the Iron Bull name I would expect a first class group of sales and services in the dealerships they partner with.

MIKE A. - GRAFTON, OH - Purchased: 5/18/21

BRIAN D. - Canton, GA - Purchased: 5/4/21
Love the trailer. I’ve owned many trailers and this one is the best by far!

BENJAMIN S. - Green lane, PA - Purchased: 4/24/21
Trailer is very well built. Looked around a lot of different brands of trailers and the iron bulk have the best features warranty and built the best.

JASON W. - Pound, WI - Purchased: 4/20/21

JUSTIN S. - Perham mN, MN - Purchased: 4/9/21
Just bought a dump trailer and love it have had nothing but good quality and service great company to work with

PATRICK L. - Inver Grove Heights, MN - Purchased: 4/8/21

KATHY D. - Winslow, AR - Purchased: 4/1/21
We love our trailer we use it every weekend. It has been a big help from loading gravel to firewood to atvs. We couldn't have asked for a better trailer.

SUSIE M. - Aitkin, MN - Purchased: 3/30/21
Heavy duty construction! I know we're will enjoy using the trailer for years to come!

SCOTT S. - SHELTON, WA - Purchased: 3/24/21
The build quality and materials exceeds the competition. Love the larger tool box, not sure on the single 8" frame yet.

TIM E. - New Franken, WI - Purchased: 3/23/21
Love the quality.

SHAWN B. - Anderson, CA - Purchased: 3/23/21
For several years I’ve loaded and unloaded hundreds of cords of firewood and prayed I had a dump trailer to not only save my body but to speed up production and earnings so I saved up over the years to buy one then this pandemic hit and like just about everything else there was a shortage in dump trailers I was so mad. Lol but then I found Nor Cal Trailers that had what I needed and kept it local very well put together company with great staff made sure to get me a better deal than I was going to get anywhere else I previously inquired about dump trailers long story short is I am so pleased with my 14’x7’ dump trailer and couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and I owe it all to the solid folks and Nor Cal Trailers and all involved in building this solid dump trailer ty for your time and God Bless everyone during these tough times .

CHRIS M. - Prairie Grove, AR - Purchased: 3/22/21

EDWIN L. - Waco, KY - Purchased: 3/5/21
Very well built.

JACOB L. - Richmond, KY - Purchased: 2/20/21
Been extremely satisfied with the quality of my trailer. Hope to buy another DWB 14.

DALE S. - WEST BEND, WI - Purchased: 2/10/21
I researched about 6 different brands of dump trailers before choosing Iron Bull's DWB14. It had all the features I needed at a reasonable price. I'm looking forward to many years of good service from this trailer.

ERIC W. - Matlock, WA - Purchased: 2/10/21

DAVID B. - Berlin, WI - Purchased: 2/9/21
Bought a DWB14 and it built extremely well. I am more than happy with this trailer. After researching other trailers I decided to buy this one due to the 7ga deck compared to most of the others that have a thinner 10ga deck. I know I made the right choice after putting this trailer to use

MICAH M. - Norman, OK - Purchased: 1/21/21
Service at ok trailers direct was awesome!

RAFAEL B. - Prescott valley , AZ - Purchased: 1/15/21

JAMES D. - Grand Junction , CO - Purchased: 12/31/20
The available options and design of the trailer made my Decision to purchase an Iron Bull an easy choice. I especially like the large tool box to hold all the needed gear for the trailer.

ROLAND G. - Elmendorf , TX - Purchased: 12/12/20
More than satisfied with my 14k lb dump trailer. Worth its weight in gold.

MARCUS J. - Shoshone, ID - Purchased: 11/30/20
Searched around for a dump trailer and found the Iron Bull 14’. First impression was thumbs up when I saw it was gray! I compared to the other brands and was impressed with the sturdiness. The floor was a seamless 7 gauge and walls were 10 gauge. Outstanding. The Ubolts were really rusty as well as some of the welds were inconsistent in places. Really like the extra storage up front. The three phase rear gate is awesome. Comes with spare tire holder and rear jack mounts. So great

TAD B. - Augusta, KS - Purchased: 11/27/20

KEITH H. - Seattle, WA - Purchased: 11/19/20
The dealer experience was fast, professsional and easy. Very satisfied with the DWB trailer including larger box, lower deck and sturdy construction.

SERGIO H. - Sherwood , AR - Purchased: 10/19/20
I love my trailer

MATTHEW M. - Anaheim, CA - Purchased: 10/9/20
I've owned dump trailers & used many different types. I researched extensively and was extremely happy to find a dump trailer this heavy duty. would definitely recommend Iron Bull trailers to anyone.

MICHAEL T. S. - Bly, OR - Purchased: 9/27/20
After having done research on several dump trailers I chose the Ironbull because I felt that it is a better built trailer than the others.

ANTHONY D. - Loudon, NH - Purchased: 9/9/20
I own a small equipment rental store. Most of my customers are using these dump trailers for tree work, demo work, or land clearing. So they get abused quite hard. I needed something that would hold up to the rental industry. I drove over 3 hours to get the Ironbull trailer over many other options because I knew it had superior build quality, as well as fit and finish. I was not disappointed. All my customers love these trailers and I get compliments on how nice it looks all the time.

CODY W. - Clinton, WA - Purchased: 9/4/20
Called Bruce at trailer station of mount vernon to enquire about a trailer. He was very quick to recommend the new iron bull for what im using it for which is landscaping and excavation I am very happy with my purchase.

JESSICA V. - Phoenix, AZ - Purchased: 6/12/20

WESTERN SKY H. - TWIN FALLS, ID - Purchased: 6/9/20

MARK D. - Scarborough , ME - Purchased: 5/9/20
Awesome trailer. Great quality throughout. Very thoughtful design.

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