Iron Bull Gooseneck Equipment Series Trailers

Add some versatility to your fleet with our 14k Gooseneck. With two 7k Dexter Axles and tons of standard features, Iron Bull equipment goosenecks are a great addition to any farm or jobsite. Meet the Jack of all trades.


4.9 out of 5 (21 reviews)

Sam M.
Shawnee, OK - 10/1/20

I had been wanting a gooseneck trailer for a while to haul my tractor and power rake. Oklahoma trailers direct helped me a lot figuring out the correct length didn’t hassle me on a purchase just helped. I love the rampage ramps. The only problem I see is the back sits so low it drags every where. Like every where. The quality of trailer is outstanding the sealed wiring harness is great. Just a quality build.

NACEDAH, WI - 7/29/20

I am very happy with the ETG14 trailer that I purchased. It pulls beautifully and I am very happy with how the Rampage Ramps compliment the trailer. However, there are a few issues that I have found after owning the trailer for a couple weeks. Many of these are minor and could have been taken care of with just a little bit better quality control. 1. There is an excessive amount of weld splatter and MIG welding wire left on the trailer. 2. There are also some welds on the trailer, that while I'm sure they meet specs, it would make the trailer look more professional had they been cleaned up with a grinder prior to powder coat. 3. The front tool box lid, at least on my trailer, rubs on one of the hinges because it was welded at an angle and not square on the box which results in a loud squeal when the top is opened/closed. 4. There are leftover metal burrs on the 4K drive-over fenders, that creates a very sharp edge even with the powder coating applied. One of the edges tore my wifes pants and very well could cut a cargo strap if extended over the fender area. 5. While the hand painted pin-striping is an amazing addition to how the trailer looks, the uneven 'Iron Bull' sticker on the Gooseneck pulls your eye away from the pin-striping immediately. Both 'Iron Bull' stickers are uneven on my trailer, however, one is more noticeable than the other. 6. Excessive amount of powder coating runs. 7. The trailer deck still had measurements and 'cut lines' from where they were marked prior to install. Again, the Iron Bull ETG14 is a great trailer, and all of the issues with my trailer are cosmetic and in no way affect the functionality nor the quality of the trailer. I would happily recommend an Iron Bull trailer to family members or friends and would happily purchase another Iron Bull trailer in the future if the need arose.

Luke S.
Red lodge, MT - 1/26/21

I havnt gotten to use my new trailer but this is the perfect for my rock crawler! Can’t want to get it loaded and hauled out to the rocks and snow!

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Available Sizes



Deck Height

Fender Height


18' (6"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9" 2698
20' (6"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9" 2960
22' (6"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9" 3242
24' (8"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9" 3514
25' (8"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9"
28' (8"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9"
30' (8"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9"
32' (10"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9"
34' (10"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9"
36' (10"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9"
38' (10"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9"
36' (10"Channel) 83" & 102" 25" 9"
*Weight is approximate base model. Optional features will change
  • 10" I-Beam Neck and 12" Risers
  • 2 5/16" Adjustable Coupler
  • 3" Channel Crossmembers
  • Rub Rail and Stake Pockets
  • Removable Diamond Plate Fenders
  • Cambered Dexter Nevr-R-Adjust Brake Axles
  • Multi-leaf Slipper Spring Suspension
  • E-Z Lube Hubs
  • 2 Electric Brake Axles
  • 5' Slide-in Ramps
  • 2 -10k Drop-Leg Jack
  • Treated Pine 2x6 Floor
  • 4 Standard 3" D-Rings
  • 235/80R16 Radial Tires with 8 Hole Wheel
  • Lifetime LED Lighting
  • All Lighting DOT Approved
  • Molded Sealed Harness with Resistors
  • 7-Way Receiver Female Plug with Adapter
  • Powdura Powder Coat
  • Tandem 8K Axles
  • 102" Wide Deck
  • Bolt On Spare Tire Mount
  • Spare Tire
  • 14-Ply Tires
  • 2' Dove Tail
  • 3' Self Cleaning Dove
  • 5' Stand Up Ramps
  • Rampage Ramps
  • Steel Floor
  • Drive Over Neck
  • Fork Holders
  • 12" Crossmembers
  • 10-Ply Black Wheel Mod
  • Cold Weather Harness
  • Additional D-Rings
  • Front Toolbox
  • Rear Supports
  • Weld On Spare Tire Mount
  • Winch Plate
  • Drop-Leg Jack

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