14,000 lb GVWR Tandem Axle Gooseneck Equipment Trailer

Meet the jack of all trades. Add some versatility to your fleet with our 14k Gooseneck with this 14,000 lb GVWR Tandem Axle Gooseneck trailer!.
14,000 lb GVWR Tandem Axle Gooseneck Equipment Trailer
4.9 out of 5 stars (34 reviews)
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Jason Barkley - 11/18/2021
Great purchasing experience
Dylan Kovatch - 07/11/2021
Bought from BEST CHOICE TRAILERS in irwin pa. Great purchasing experience and also great quality trailer
Kyle Mccoy - 07/28/2021
Scott Dudenbostel - 12/09/2020
Bought my trailer as a second unit for my hotshot business. It's perfect for some of my smaller loads.
Charles Miles - 12/29/2020
Great trailers, built like a Bull.

83" wide or 102" wide Iron Bull equipment goosenecks are a great addition to any farm or fleet. With two 7k axles and tons of standard features, Iron Bull equipment Goosenecks are a great addition to any farm or jobsite.
10" I-Beam Neck and 12" Risers
2 5/16" Adjustable Coupler
3" Channel Crossmembers
Rub Rail and Stake Pockets
Removable Diamond Plate Fenders
Cambered Brake Axles
Multi-leaf Slipper Spring Suspension
E-Z Lube Hubs
2 Electric Brake Axles
5' Slide-in Ramps
2 -10k Drop-Leg Jack
Treated Pine 2x6 Floor
4 Standard 3" D-Rings
235/80R16 Radial Tires with 8 Hole Wheel
Lifetime LED Lighting
All Lighting DOT Approved
Molded Sealed Harness with Resistors
7-Way Receiver Female Plug with Adapter
Powdura Powder Coat & One Cure Primer

*Weight is approximate base model. Optional features will change
Attention: Due to supply chain issues some standard features are subject to change without notice. If a feature is of particular importance for you, please verify with your dealer prior to purchase.

Tandem 8K Axles
102" Wide Deck (per ft.)
14-Ply Tires
2' Dove Tail & Slide in Ramps
4' Dove Tail & Slide in Ramps
2' Dove & Stand Up Ramps
4' Dove & Rampage Ramps
Steel Floor (per ft.)
Deck Over Neck
Fork Holders
Rear Supports (5k Swivek Jacks)
2 Speed Drop-Leg Jacks
Winch Plate 1/2” (in neck)
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All Reviews
Jason Barkley - 11/18/2021
Great purchasing experience
Dylan Kovatch - 07/11/2021
Bought from BEST CHOICE TRAILERS in irwin pa. Great purchasing experience and also great quality trailer
Kyle Mccoy - 07/28/2021
Scott Dudenbostel - 12/09/2020
Bought my trailer as a second unit for my hotshot business. It's perfect for some of my smaller loads.
Charles Miles - 12/29/2020
Great trailers, built like a Bull.
Dustin Marshall - 04/13/2022
James Christian - 03/10/2021
After several months of looking at a couple of different brands of trailers I came across Iron Bull. I had a list of things that I was looking for in the trailer for my needs and felt like there would inevitably be sacrifices depending on which brand I chose. But, Iron Bull has put a considerable amount of thought into their products, so much that it met all of my criterion. From an awesome powder coat paint, to heavy duty fabrication, and even small details like slots to hang stored safety chains. Best investment I have made in quite sometime! I would say that Iron Bull Trailers should be considered "overbuilt, not over priced".
Orrin Mclain - 01/03/2022
Frank Marmo - 04/20/2022
Roddrick Braden - 09/08/2021
We love our new trailer. We were actually going to get a dump trailer, but happy that we got this trailer.
Travis Sorrels - 06/08/2021
Purchased this Trailer from MC trailer sales out of Brandon MS. Trailer looks well built and sturdy. Being a small time farmer the 24’ Gooseneck will be the perfect addition to the farm, getting the tractor from my home to the fields.
Adam Keehan - 07/31/2020
I am very happy with the ETG14 trailer that I purchased. It pulls beautifully and I am very happy with how the Rampage Ramps compliment the trailer. However, there are a few issues that I have found after owning the trailer for a couple weeks. Many of these are minor and could have been taken care of with just a little bit better quality control. 1. There is an excessive amount of weld splatter and MIG welding wire left on the trailer. 2. There are also some welds on the trailer, that while I'm sure they meet specs, it would make the trailer look more professional had they been cleaned up with a grinder prior to powder coat. 3. The front tool box lid, at least on my trailer, rubs on one of the hinges because it was welded at an angle and not square on the box which results in a loud squeal when the top is opened/closed. 4. There are leftover metal burrs on the 4K drive-over fenders, that creates a very sharp edge even with the powder coating applied. One of the edges tore my wifes pants and very well could cut a cargo strap if extended over the fender area. 5. While the hand painted pin-striping is an amazing addition to how the trailer looks, the uneven 'Iron Bull' sticker on the Gooseneck pulls your eye away from the pin-striping immediately. Both 'Iron Bull' stickers are uneven on my trailer, however, one is more noticeable than the other. 6. Excessive amount of powder coating runs. 7. The trailer deck still had measurements and 'cut lines' from where they were marked prior to install. Again, the Iron Bull ETG14 is a great trailer, and all of the issues with my trailer are cosmetic and in no way affect the functionality nor the quality of the trailer. I would happily recommend an Iron Bull trailer to family members or friends and would happily purchase another Iron Bull trailer in the future if the need arose.
David Crisco - 07/19/2021
Needed a trailer to haul a truck. Great built trailer
Chad Brown - 05/20/2021
Jayp Fullam - 11/03/2020
Trailer is well built and pulls great.
Sam Marsh - 10/02/2020
I had been wanting a gooseneck trailer for a while to haul my tractor and power rake. Oklahoma trailers direct helped me a lot figuring out the correct length didn’t hassle me on a purchase just helped. I love the rampage ramps. The only problem I see is the back sits so low it drags every where. Like every where. The quality of trailer is outstanding the sealed wiring harness is great. Just a quality build.
Craig Johnson - 04/06/2022
Timothy Tackett - 11/30/2020
As my Antique Tractor and Engine collection has grown, I have found the need for increased deck space to carry more equipment to local shows. Over the past five years, I have gone from an 18' Diamond C to a 22' PJ (both bumper pull), and now, a 32' Iron Bull Gooseneck. Why did I choose Iron Bull over the competitors? First, the ETG style trailer is somewhat unique that it uses a low deck design with drive over fenders. This works best for me loading and trailering the tractors and engines I carry as the load angle on the dove tail is less, and it has a lower center of gravity when loaded. Not all manufacturers build a trailer in this configuration, and of those who do, some are not what you would consider a standard build. I looked at PJ, Sure Trac, Load Trail, Appalachian, and a couple of regional manufacturers. Of the ones I looked at, Load Trail was the closest to what I was looking for, but fell short in several areas. Load Trail does include the flip up dove tail stabilizer jacks standard, but that did not offset the other areas where Iron Bull rose to the top. The big issue is the channel size. Load Trail uses a 6" channel frame on a 32', PJ uses an 8" channel frame on a 34" (no 32' standard), but Iron Bull uses a 10" channel on the 32' ETG model. This was a big factor in my decision. The current 22' PJ trailer I have been using the past two years has worked well (same general design) but it has a 5" channel frame (rated at 10400 GVWR). I notice quite a bit of side to side flex loaded up with 7,000 lbs. of equipment. The heavy frame size of the Iron Bull vs Load Trail will obviously result in less trailer flex and twist. Other factors, another big one was the rear dovetail and ramps. I much prefer the wood dovetail on the Iron Bull over a steel diamond plate surface that is more common on others due to increased traction with the wood deck. Regarding ramps, it seems everyone wants to go with either a flip up non removable channel ramp or more common, the big two piece wide, flip over non removable ramps. Neither style really works for me. Due to varying widths of my equipment, I need to adjust the ramps from narrow to wide and I don't like towing with ramps sticking up (visibility and wind drag unloaded). The large flip over ramps require a much lower rear frame and steeper dove tail, and really limits the ability to use the full deck length. The ETG is standard with the slide in ramps that fit my application much better, and they don't add a lot of weight to the trailer reducing load capacity. Finally, the drive over fenders on the Iron Bull use an extended length over the other manufacturers resulting in a lower approach and departure angle rolling over them. Fit and finish is very nice on the trailer I purchased, all the welds I have seen are smooth, properly applied without excessive splatter. The powder coating looks well applied, of course with all such finishes, time will tell how it holds up to the ravages of UV. The Iron Bull warranty is one of the best in the industry, and the roadside assistance with extension to the tow vehicle is just icing on the cake. The only negative that I have (and it might have been the dealer), it would be nice to get an actual printed hard copy of the owners manual instead of having to download and print on loose paper . Towing it home, it tracked very nicely (my first Gooseneck), the truck and trailer both rode very well, and looks like it will make a very nice hauler for my toys! I am very satisfied with my purchase, the price point is excellent (I lucked out getting one built in July 2020 before the latest steel price increase), and I was very very fortunate to actually find the exact unit I was looking for in stock an hour and a half drive from me (could not locate any others in a 6 state radius). The dealer simply had not listed it in his "in stock" inventory on line (lucky me). Trailers are in high demand and short supply right now, if you find an Iron Bull in stock that fits your needs, jump on it, you will be very satisfied!
Mitchell Lance - 04/28/2021
Bought this trailer to haul my tractor and implements around. Very impressed with the build quality and looking forward to using it for years to come!
Luke Sherman - 02/01/2021
I havnt gotten to use my new trailer but this is the perfect for my rock crawler! Can’t want to get it loaded and hauled out to the rocks and snow!
Chris Reinier - 11/09/2021
Jeff Stephens - 05/27/2022
This trailer is perfect!
Leopold Nastacio - 09/28/2021
Trailer built tough
Chris Poole - 04/06/2022
David Fiedler - 02/04/2021
We have used the trailer once and it performed great. Easy to load with the large rampage ramps and the low deck height. Only complaint is the rear is so low that it drags on the ground on some inclines.
Kyle Elam - 02/21/2022
Best trailer we have gotten for our company by far! The quality, eye appeal, and storage is awesome. We are looking to add 2 more to the fleet as soon as we can find someone that has a few more to sell.
Matthew Sadler - 04/01/2021
This has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Between the quality of the trailer and Phil’s trailer sales it can’t be beat
Brian Gray - 06/10/2020
great people to work with. got me all set up and on my way thanks for the great service
David Burnette - 03/08/2021
First impressions of this trailer are great. Weld quality is spot on. Everything is well designed and is a nice trailer. Look forward to using it for a long time to come.
Ricardo Escalera - 05/10/2022
Great trailer. Will work great what I need it to do. No complaints
Adrian Woods - 06/15/2021
So far so good!
Glen Poppen - 05/03/2022
Love my Iron Bull Trailer-would definitely recommend!
Philip Johnson - 09/01/2020
First gooseneck,but so far its pretty great. It fits our 4 seater sxs and 2 seater sxs perfectly with plenty of room to spare and maneuver. My wife loves the pinstripe detailing on it and how much easier it is to load our rigs on. It pulls smoothly,and overall i am not disappointed at all. A quality trailer that should last us until were too old to go play in the mudholes
James Stacy - 05/17/2021
Awesome trailer pulls perfect