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Norstar has a vast network of dealers that are ready to assit you in finding the right product to suit your needs. You can connect with a dealer HERE.

Our Rampage Ramps are ready to work as hard as your trailer! The rampage ramps will always be rated for the same capacity as the trailer's payload. Please keep in mind the proper loading techniques found in your Norstar Owners Manual
 The drive-over fenders are built to meet the payload of your trailer when the weight is evenly distributed.
Inside of your owner’s manual. Norstar Owners Manual

You can register your product and find many resources at http://norstarwarranty.com/.

We offer many replacements and  upgrades at https://norstarparts.com/. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email us at customerservice@norstarcompany.com and we’ll be happy to assist you!

We use an AW32 hydraulic fluid in our pumps.

While we are confident that you will not have any issues, if you do simply reach out to your purchasing dealer location and they can help assist you in opening a claim. If you have any issues submitting a claim please email us at customerservice@norstarcompany.com and a customer service representative can walk you through it.

All D-rates must be requested from your purchasing dealer.

The trailer's max payload is printed on the 'Tire and Loading sticker' that is placed on the trailer.

Norstar is going green and all owners manuals have been moved online. You simply scan the QR code on your trailer and it will take you to http://norstarwarranty.com/.

Call our toll-free 24/7 dispatch line at 888-399-0327.  A service provider will assist in locating a service provider. Or save your reciepts and we will reimburse you. If you have any questions please visit our website at http://norstarwarranty.com/home/RoadsideAssistance.

We currently powercoat our trailers in Black and Grey.

Our webpage has all of the standard options listed by model for your convenience! Use the drop down navigation menu to select the model.

Check out our Truck Bed Wizard to find out - https://dealer.mynorstar.com/truckbedwizard.

Inside our product brochures we have a list of different adapters with different model trucks description. Find out Product Brochures under SUPPORT on our site.

Our hoists are rated to support 21,000lbs! This means we use the same heavy duty material across several different sized dump trailer and you can trust your model will proudly support its GVWR.