Iron Bull 22k Low-Pro Hydraulic Dove Tail Gooseneck

Iron Bull Hydraulic Dove Tail Trailers

Iron Bull has put a new twist on a classic dove tail design. Our improved patented design offers an upgrade to users that need a no nonsense design and the strength of a Bull. Our dual cylinder mechanism provides unmatched lifting power and our revolutionary full tension lock up system provides a rock solid foundation while towing. An industry best max lifting capacity of 12k lbs properly loaded and max hauling capacity of 8k provides an unmatched performer. This design auto locks so there is no need to manually engage and disengage a separate device when lowering and raising the tail - perfect for wireless remote applications. When in action, the dual arms approach the ground as the tail lowers and provide extra rear stability when loading heavy equipment. Iron Bull Goosenecks are some of the most rugged and longest lasting units in service today. Decades of experience in our new manufacturing company have combined to create one of the most thought out trailers available. New for 2021, included on each Iron Bull tandem dual trailer is Dexter's rugged HDSS adjustable suspension. This is their top-of the line suspension package and it's free on every Iron Bull! You will also find standard a pipe bridge to reduce torque under heavy loads. You will also find standard a pipe bridge to reduce torque under heavy loads. Heavy SCH40 construction outclasses thin walled pipe as seen on some of the competition. Low-Pro, pierced frame design lowers the deck 3" providing a lower center of gravity, more stable cornering and a lower loading angle for equipment. 12" 19lb/ft I-Beam makes up the main frame of these monsters - compared to the 14lb found on the other guys. Heavy duty 10" I-beam crossmembers are located on the lower main frame to further support the pipe bridge. These important steel beams are omitted by some competitors. 3" Channel crossmembers located in the deck frame are on 16" centers and topped with 2" x 6" treated pine wood and you will find a standard locking toolbox at the front of each gooseneck trailer. Two 16" side steps adorn the front of each deck. Standard -- Not an option -- and oversized to ensure stable footing each and every time you climb on the trailer. All wiring is in a sealed harness and runs inside the 2" x 6" upper deck frame. Sherwin-Williams Powdurda Powder coat gives each trailer a rugged finish with a showroom shine. USA made, lifetime recessed LEDs are provided by TecNic lighting. Each Iron Bull Trailer also comes equipped with stake pockets, pipe spools and rub rails as well as an adjustable coupler. All Iron Bulls are sitting on Dexter Nev-R-Adjust brake axles and roll down the road on radial tires.


4.7 out of 5 (7 reviews)

Willie B.
Artesia, MS - 5/12/21

We are very pleased with the customer service that we were given over the phone and at the location in Harrison Arkansas. We had lots of questions and all of our questions were answered in its entirety. Thanks Guys We are very pleased.

Gary W.
Justin, TX - 10/7/20

I’ve got some issues with the trailer and need them addressed. Please call me ASAP.

Mike L.
Atwater , OH - 5/30/21

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Available Sizes



Deck Height



28' 12" I-Beam Neck and Risers (19lb/ft) 32.5 " 2 X 10,000 lb
30' 12" I-Beam Neck and Risers (19lb/ft) 32.5 " 2 X 10,000 lb
32' 12" I-Beam Neck and Risers (19lb/ft) 32.5 " 2 X 10,000 lb
34' 12" I-Beam Neck and Risers (19lb/ft) 32.5 " 2 X 10,000 lb
36' 12" I-Beam Neck and Risers (19lb/ft) 32.5 " 2 X 10,000 lb
38' 12" I-Beam Neck and Risers (19lb/ft) 32.5 " 2 X 10,000 lb
40' 12" I-Beam Neck and Risers (19lb/ft) 32.5 " 2 X 10,000 lb
*Weight is approximate base model. Optional features will change
  • 12" I-Beam Frame and Neck (19 lbs/ft)
  • 2 5/16" Adjustable Coupler
  • 3" Structural Crossmembers
  • Rub Rail, Stake Pockets & Pipe Spools
  • Cambered Dexter Nevr-R-Adjust Spring Axles
  • Multi-leaf Slipper Spring Suspension
  • E-Z Lube Hubs
  • 2 Electric Brake Axles
  • Standard Torque Tube & Pipe Bridge
  • 2 - 10k Drop-Leg Jacks
  • Treated Pine 2" x 6" Floor
  • 4 Standard 3" D-Rings
  • 235/80R16 Radial Tires with 8 Hole Wheel
  • Lifetime LED Lighting
  • All Lighting DOT Approved
  • Molded Sealed Harness with Resistors
  • 7-Way Receiver Female Plug with Adapter
  • Powdura Powder Coat
  • 2 10k Axles
  • 2 12k Axles
  • 2 15k Axles
  • 3 10k Axles
  • 3 12k Axles
  • Drop-Leg Jack
  • 30k Adjustable Square Coupler
  • HDSS Suspension
  • Spread Axles
  • 12" Crossmembers
  • Deck Over Neck
  • Additional Side Tool Box
  • Rough Oak Floor
  • Cold Weather Harness
  • Additional D-Rings
  • Winch Plate 1/2"
  • 14-Ply 235/85 Tire Upgrade
  • 17.5"x6.75" Tire Upgrade

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