When Are Lights Required to be Installed on a Trailer

May 29, 2023
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Trailer Truck Headlights

Have you ever been caught in the dark without trailer lights? You're not alone – many people forget that they must install lights on their trailers for legal and safety reasons.

But don't worry, understanding when trailers need lights and where to get them is easier than you think.

This blog post will cover the basics of knowing when you need trailer lights, what kinds are available, and where to buy them. Read on to make sure your next journey is a safe one!

What Does The Trailer Light Mean?

Trailer lights provide a signal for other drivers to let them know that you are there. Trailers must have at least one tail lamp, side marker lamp, brake lamp, and reflex reflector in order to be legal.

Depending on the size of your trailer and the laws in your state or country, additional lights may also be required for safety.

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When Are Lights Required To Be Installed On A Trailer?

Trailer lights are required to be installed when a trailer is attached to a vehicle that will be driving at night or in low visibility conditions. This includes traditional trailers, utility trailers, and boat trailers. 

The lights must meet the required standards for reflectivity and color coding. What colors are the running lights on a trailer? Generally, two amber-colored side marker lights must be installed on the front and rear of the trailer, and two red tail lights should be placed near the center of both sides.

What Types of Lights are Required on a Trailer?

There are several types of trailer lights that you should know about. These include:

Tail lights

Tail lights must be red and provide illumination to the rear of the trailer. They should also include a license plate light.

Side marker lights

These are amber-colored and placed on both sides of the trailer near the center, providing visibility from the front and back.

Turn signals

Turn signals indicate where the trailer is turning and must be brightly colored to indicate the direction.

Brake lights

Brake lights should be bright red and will illuminate when a vehicle equipped with a trailer applies its brakes. This helps other drivers know that you are slowing down.

License plate light

License plate lights provide illumination to the rear license plate of the trailer.

How to Install Lights on a Trailer

Installing trailer lights is a relatively simple process that most people can complete with minimal tools and equipment. This process includes six steps.

  1. Determine the type of lighting system needed for your trailer based on size and laws in your area.

  2. Attach the lights to their respective mounting brackets on the trailer frame. 

  3. Connect all wiring from each light to its corresponding power source (depending on the type). 

  4. Test that each light works correctly by turning them on one at a time and checking that they are adequately illuminated and functioning as expected. 

  5. Secure any loose wires with zip ties or electrical tape to ensure nothing is dangling where it could be damaged while driving or cause an accident due to visibility problems when traveling at night or in low-visibility conditions such as fog or rainstorms. 

  6. If necessary, use sealant around any areas where water may enter into contact with wiring connections/lights/etc., mainly if you're using incandescent bulbs instead of LEDs – this will help prevent damage due to moisture buildup over time, which can cause corrosion and malfunctioning lights/connections later down the line!

Where Can I Buy Replacement Trailer Lights?

Running lights not working on trailer? Consider purchasing replacement trailer lights. When it comes time to buy led trailer lights, you have a few options.

You can purchase them at your local automotive parts store or online from any number of retailers who specialize in lighting and accessories for trailers. 

Be sure to purchase lights that meet the required standards and are made to fit your specific trailer.

You'll also want to read any instructions or warranty information that comes with your purchase, as this will ensure you get the best performance from your lights.

Choosing the Right Lights For Your Trailer

This is essential for safety and visibility, so take the time to make sure you have everything you need before hitting the road.

With the right lights from Norstar Company in place, you can rest assured knowing that your trailer will be visible and safe no matter where your travels may take you! 

Here are a few tips on how you can select the right lights for your trailer:

Determine your needs

Consider the size and weight of items you plan to transport when deciding which trailer is right for you.

Research different types of trailers

Learn about the various types of trailers that are available, such as flatbeds, utility trailers, cargo-hauling enclosures, and more. 

Look into features and accessories

Make sure to check out what features each trailer offers before making a purchase decision; these include brakes, tongue jacks, and hitches, among other things. 

Consider capacity limits

Depending on the type of trailer you choose, it may have certain load limits for certain kinds of materials or objects; be sure to consider this in advance so that your choice doesn't become an issue later on down the line! 

Examine safety ratings/certifications

Ensure that any trailer you select meets required safety standards from organizations like DOT or NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). This will ensure your peace of mind as well as compliance with legal regulations in some areas!

Where To Buy Trailer Lights?

Norstar Company is the place to go if you're looking for high-quality trailer lights, as they have a wide selection of products to choose from. From LED tail lights, signal lights, and stop/turn lamps to side marker lamps and clearance lights, Norstar has the trailer lighting solution that fits your needs.

All of the products have been tested for resistance to vibration, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. Plus, the products are backed by a full warranty and a customer support team, so you can be sure that your trailer lights will last for years to come!

You Should Definitely Install Lights On Your Trailer Now

Knowing when lights are required to be installed on a trailer is essential for staying safe on the roads. It is important to know what type of lights are needed for the specific trailer and how to install and maintain them properly. 

Additionally, researching different types of trailers and their features can help you find the best trailer for your needs. Finally, purchase your replacement trailer lights from a reputable retailer, such as Norstar Company, that offers quality products and warranties. 

With the right lights in place, you can rest assured knowing that your trailer will be visible and safe no matter where your travels may take you! Build and quote with Norstar today.