Texas Truck Bed

March 27, 2023
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Texas Truck Beds

Getting the best truck bed solutions provider is crucial because it ensures that your truck bed is not only functional but also durable and able to withstand the demands of your job or lifestyle. 

Top Manufacturer of Truck Bed in Texas

Norstar Company is a leading manufacturer of truck beds in Texas, known for its incomparable quality. With a commitment to using only the finest materials, we have etched our name as a top choice for truck owners who require the best for their vehicles.

With years of experience in the industry, Norstar Company has established itself as the go-to choice for truck bed needs in Texas. Norstar Company has everything you need, from custom-made truck beds to advanced facilities to get the most out of your truck.

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Choosing Your Truck Beds

Picking the correct type of truck bed is essential for ensuring that your truck is equipped to meet your specific needs and requirements. The right truck bed can help you maximize the utility of your vehicle, improve your work efficiency, and ensure that your tools and equipment are protected.


A Service Bed is a purpose-built truck bed designed for various vocational trades, featuring integrated storage compartments, shelving units, and drawers to accommodate multiple tools, equipment, and materials.


The Norstar SD Service Bed is the epitome of versatility and functionality, designed to meet the demands of the discerning tradesperson. Our service bed boasts a comprehensive array of standard tool storage boxes and an extensive array of customizable options to cater to the requirements of individuals working in diverse and dynamic environments.

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The Norstar UB Service Bed represents a departure from conventional service bed offerings, catering to the dynamic needs of the mobile tradesperson. This bed is designed to provide a mobile workstation that accommodates an array of tools and equipment, ensuring that essential resources are always readily accessible.

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The Norstar SC Service Bed represents a premium option for individuals whose vocations require frequent mobility. Our fully-featured service bed has a comprehensive array of standard tool storage compartments and a range of customizable options, providing unparalleled versatility.

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The Norstar SL Journeyman Bed represents the harmonious union of two of our most renowned models, the SD and ST. This bed embodies the salient features, delivering unparalleled functionality and versatility. 

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A Flatbed is a truck bed characterized by an open and flat platform structure, typically made of materials such as steel or aluminum. It provides ample and versatile hauling capacity for cargo and equipment, making it a common choice for various commercial and industrial applications.

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The Norstar SR model is a hallmark of our product portfolio and for a justifiable cause. This flatbed configuration embodies all of the essential features required for optimal performance.

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The Skirted Bed truck bed is a specialized flatbed with an aerodynamic skirt extending downward from the bed's sides to enhance its aesthetic appeal and hauling efficiency.


The Norstar ST Skirted Truck Bed offers an ideal solution for those seeking a durable working bed with ample built-in storage. This bed has many features, including four standard locking boxes and robust ten-gauge side panels complemented by an 11-gauge full-skirted bumper.

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The Norstar WH Western Deluxe Bed is a premier truck bed that sets the bar for excellence. With its top-notch design, intricate detailing, and wide range of accessories, this bed is the epitome of class and sophistication.

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Aluminum Texas truck beds provide a lightweight yet durable solution for transporting heavy equipment and materials, offering superior corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance compared to traditional steel beds.

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The Norstar AR Model is a highly sought-after aluminum flatbed solution that embodies the best of both worlds. By combining the functional design of our best-selling SR bed with the benefits of lightweight aluminum construction, the AR model represents the ultimate flatbed solution for work trucks.

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The Norstar AT Skirted Aluminum Truck Bed is specifically designed for individuals needing ample storage capacity, offering the benefits of lightweight aluminum construction and additional storage capabilities.

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Norstar Truck Beds’ Quality 

Norstar Company is dedicated to crafting the highest quality truck beds in Texas, using only premium materials and innovative designs.

The company's commitment to excellence starts with selecting the finest raw materials, including heavy-duty steel and lightweight aluminum. These materials are carefully chosen for their strength, durability, and resistance to the most challenging working conditions.

To ensure the longevity of each truck bed, Norstar uses cutting-edge manufacturing processes and strict quality control measures. The beds are designed to withstand heavy loads, rough terrain, and exposure to the elements.

Additionally, every bed is rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards before it leaves the factory. From welding and assembly to finishing and painting, Norstar is committed to delivering Texas truck beds built to last. Customers can feel confident that their investment will provide reliable service for years to come.

Why choose Norstar Company as your truck bed manufacturer in Texas?

Norstar Company ensures that you receive a truck bed that meets your specific needs and lasts for years.

Quality custom-made solutions

Every truck owner has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer custom-made solutions to ensure you get hold of the truck bed that meets your needs. 

Highly-skilled truck bed experts

Our team of truck bed specialists is not only knowledgeable but also passionate about their work. They are highly skilled and well-trained and take pride in their craftsmanship.

Reputable truck bed makers

We understand the demands of hard work and rough terrain and build our truck beds and trailers to withstand it all. You can rely on our products to work as hard as you do.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and tools, allowing us to manufacture truck beds and trailers of the highest quality. We take pride in our state-of-the-art facilities and use them to provide the best possible products to our customers.

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